Himalayan Salt Stones

For many clients, it is difficult to transition from the tension of the outside world into the calm of a massage session.  The stones are heated to the perfect temperature and help relax the body, mind and spirit.


Many essential oils have a powerful ability to calm the mind, cleanse the body, soothe pain, and create a comforting environment. 

Depending on your need, we can help you select the perfect aroma to diffuse into the air during your session.

We use DoTerra oils exclusively, bringing the care and quality of this trusted company to our aromatherapy services. To purchase DoTerra oils directly, or to see the possibilities, click the button at right.

Deep Blue Rub (Topical Application)

Recommended for sports therapy sessions, but useful in others as well.

Formulated with the Deep Blue proprietary blend of essential oils and other powerful ingredients.

Deep Blue Rub is blended in a base of moisturizing emollients that leaves your skin soft and non-greasy.

Provides a cooling and soothing sensation to targeted areas.

Deep Blue.JPG

Prossage and Biofreeze (Topical Application)

Prossage is specifically formulated to warm under the therapist's hands, helping soft tissues to relax.

BioFreeze complements the Prossage treatment by gently cooling the muscles after massage, sealing in the therapeutic benefits.

These treatments are especially effective when they follow hot towel therapy.